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SIP parts - BUY NOW!!

AnrollernBerlin2015 15

Right now is a good time to buy SIP parts for your classic or modern scoot, particularly if you're UK based, read on...

"Dear UK Scooterists and SIP Customers, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England team up to help you save money when it goes about purchasing stuff for your scooters. The Pound Sterling is worth around 18% more than it was a year ago against the Euro, which means right now you save around 18% when buying from us!"



Seen this before but nice to see again; have always liked Scimitars..


Project finished

Project finished

Love this 1976 TS125 belonging to and shot by Christoph more fotos here

Vespa 50

                                           click image to view large

Very nice detail shot taken by Richard Marsh

Reminds me of this Vespa Super I shot here


Gozo - in search of Vespa

I returned yesterday from a week's stay on the Maltese island of Gozo (neighbouring island to Malta). Was great to get a fix of Mediterranean warmth and culture on one its lesser known islands.

As always, I kept an eye out for classic vespas and thought I'd be in luck considering Gozo's warmer climes but was to be denied! The overwhelming choice there are these Honda 'Cubs' with mainly 70cc engines; the world's most popular motorised 2-wheeled transport I believe..


Rabat (Victoria), Gozo

I did also spot the occasional 'monkey bike' or smaller proportioned mini motorcyles, I forget which manufacturer produced the example below but did see a couple of Yamaha 'Bop' bikes as well as this one...

Rabat (Victoria), Gozo

A close second behind the indestructible Honda 'Cub' were these small capacity Suzuki, Yamaha and occasional Honda motorcycles (photographed in Gozo's capital Victoria, originally called Rabat), which were very popular with the locals. A step up in the style stakes I'd say from the enduring 'Cub' and more ridable than the above 'monkey bike'...

Rabat (Victoria), Gozo

Rabat (Victoria), Gozo

Rabat (Victoria), Gozo

Next up and a pleasant surprise was finding this red German Maicoletta scooter in the town of Xaghra. I spoke briefly to its Gozitan owner who was very proud of it and I wouldn't be surprised if its the only one on Gozo and even Malta perhaps..


I was getting closer to finding Italy's most famous 2-wheeled export when I discovered this Piaggio 'Cosa' shortly after the Maicoletta. As you can see it was well used and no doubt familiar with Gozo's many rutted roads...



On the penultimate day of my holiday I was finally rewarded when I saw this classic Vespa 150 Super at one of the island's more popular beaches; belonging to a young hipster I imagined, working at a beach bar. I did also manage to quickly capture a dark blue Vespa PX that I'd seen on a couple of days but was too slow with the camera..

150 Super

150 Super

So a happy ending after all! Apart from the Super, PX and Cosa I didn't see any other vespas, although I did see two dusty Series 3 Lambrettas and a SIL Lambretta but again was too slow with the camera. I did also see a new automatic 'Lambretta' but couldn't bring myself to photograph it, what with my classic leanings!

I didn't take my film camera with me, so all shots were taken on a small Lumix digital pocket camera. The full album of shots I took in Gozo can be seen here

If you're in Malta, check out Gozo if you can and have time, it's a lovely place, friendly people, good weather, some lovely Baroque architecture, good food and wine with Italian influences and less touristy than its larger neighbour.


SIP Open Day 2015

SIP Open Day 2015 13

Taken by SIP partner, Ralf Jodl at this year's SIP Open Day earlier in May, see full album here

Ralf's report below...

"It almost seems like the guys from SIP have a direct line to the responsible weather gods. Even one day before the scheduled annual SIP Open Day 2015, various weather Apps pretty much agreed on a chance of rain of 40 – 60%.
However, SIP Scootershop decided to take their chance and went ahead with their event. This courage paid off with lots of visitors showing up. An estimated 400 scooterists enjoyed the funky sounds spinning on DJ Leo’s (Atomic Café, Munich) turntables, the delicacies from Sigi Kuhn’s barbeque, draft beer, the crisp stone oven pizza courtesy of Salvatore, the freshly ground Espresso by Bohne 37 and … a beautiful spring sun which every now and then fought its way through the clouds, smiling alike over visitors, sceptics and fair weather pilots.
 And they came from all around Europe, France, Italy, Sweden, Austria. However, our hats go off to two members from the Vespa Club Moscow. Obviously, watching pictures and reports online was not enough for them, so they took a plane and visited SIP in person. Картошка Konstantin and Mikhail! 
Special thanks also go to the two trade magazines “Wespe” and “Motoretta” who were present with an info stand and free of charge sample magazines. Many thanks Guido from BELL too for your awesome retro helmet collection. 
Frank Henkel from Munich lent a special Vintage air to the event with his incredible collector’s models, amongst them a rare Vespa V1 from 1948, a Hoffmann Königin as well as other treasures that found their admirers.  
 The high and dry event peaked in the traditional Vespa parade through the historical old town of Landsberg. After a sparkling farewell Spritz sponsored by local Italian cuisiniers" Trattoria Italiana" right next to the local landmark Bavarian tower, the participants spread homewards into all geographic directions.
 We wish all customers and Scooterists an accident-free and eventful two wheel season 2015!"

Guess who's blue!

Guess who's blue!

Fuji Provia400X

Great film shot taken by From my minds eye photography in Rome

Rally - Portstewart sunset

                                          click image to view large

Very nice shot sent in and taken by a vespamore blog follower of his lovely Rally 200 in Portstewart, Northern Ireland.

Previous post showing this unrestored Rally when acquired recently here


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