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Northern Soul - the film

I watched this the other night; if you haven't already seen Northern Soul, I can definitely recommend it.

I read Scootering magazine's interview with the film's creator/writer/director Elaine Constantine and didn't envy the long struggle she endured and overcame to get this film made. However, this makes the production all the more admirable and is a massive achievement I think. Apparently, many actors & extras gave their time for free to keep costs down, as well as Elaine getting help from generous friends investing their time to help out.

The lead character's whole 'going on a journey' and 'coming of age' did remind me very slightly of Jimmy's experience in Quadropehenia. Although, Phil Daniels' character begins & ends the film as a mod, if somewhat disillusioned by the end. Conversely, Elliot Langridge plays a young man introduced to Northern Soul through his local youth club and a persuasive mentor and is gradually drawn deeper by an increasing love of the music and scene. Some folk have dwelled on the drug use in this film; you do see a fair amount of amphetamines being passed around but don't most music movements/scenes seem to go hand in hand with the latest drug of choice? I guess the drugs were/are there for those wanting to seek them out, anyway I don't think it detracts from the film. The story line is quite straight forward but for me not having been old enough to be there, I thought the attention to detail in creating the scene with the music, the period clothes and general malaise affecting everyday life in mid-seventies northern England, was excellent. This a welcome departure from the usual Hollywood fodder we are often fed, I'll definitely be watching it again - soon!

Check out the trailer below ..

Northern Soul the film FB page -

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