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book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link -

RETROSPECTIVE CYCLES book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link - here

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RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS book - that's all, for now ...

images by Sideburn magazine

Well that's your lot for now - the first edition of RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS has officially sold out!

Its been a great experience photographing scooters in and around London and at Retrospective Scooters, through to laying out the book with graphic designer and Lambrettista David Hardy & finally despatching copies around the globe to countries including, UK, Ireland, United States, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden with the last copy going to Luxembourg ...

The second edition of the book is underway with plans to publish it around Spring 2014. The new edition will have a revised layout with additional, unseen photographs. Some of these have already been shot but I am looking to take some more shots of nice, original paint or nicely restored vespas (late 1940s - late 1970s, pre P-Range). If anyone fancies having their pride and joy in print and you are located in London/South East or not too far away from there, please get in touch. No offence intended but I'm looking for 'clean', accessory free vespas; I'm partial to single or double legshield mounted Lucas spots but that would be about it. You can see the kind of look I'm after in these shots I took  here. I am afraid there is no financial reward but the chance of being part of this ongoing project I hope will appeal. If you are interested in partaking I can be contacted via email -

Orders for the upcoming second edition can be placed on the book's page here but won't be shipped until Spring. The price of the new book will remain unchanged at £29.50 plus postage and packing.

Thanks to everyone so far who put their hand in their pocket and supported us; I hope you're pleased with your first edition copies ; )

Cheers - Paul Hart/vespamore photography

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