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Some more cool shots seen on the now defunct F*CK YEAH VESPAS! blog, see previous post also..

Vespa Enjoyment

Vespa Enjoyment 4 by Gojca

Superb evocative riding shot by Giuseppe Angelè - awesome!!

Giuseppe's website here -

Eva Vespa

eva_vespa_9 by Vespa Club - Krems

Nice vintage styled shot from Vespa Club - Krems

Vespa Club - Krems website here


vespa by loongtom

Fantastic shot taken by tanadol sungthong in Bangkok's old town, lovely composition, colours, lighting.... great work !

OM1 bargain...

Nice shot of this second hand Olympus OM1 (I use an OM2) for sale in a second hand camera shop in Munich. Taken & sent to me by German friend Ralf Jodl - this is a really good price too, cheaper than in most London second hand camera shops...



2013.07.07 by navy sonar

Great image by Kent Huang taken in Pingtung City, Taiwan

Kent's Vespa set - here


Vespa by philipfeilhaber

Lovely detail here from Philip Feilhaber of this Vespa GL

I thought this was a Sprint at first glance due to the silver paint but is a Gran Lusso as you can see in Philip's other shot here


Proud Naked Rider

Proud Naked Rider by Lainmoon

Really like this image by Lainmoon shot in Tainan, Taiwan. Am always looking for interesting, not your 'run of the mill' vespa shots to feature on here & this is great.

See Lainmoon's website here -


Rusted Vespa while Sunset

Rusted Vespa while Sunset by famiglia_vienna

Cool shot by famiglia_vienna taken in Vienna, Austria - love the tones & colours in this...

Zink Fink

Zink Fink by Yoshikatsu Sato

Beautiful shot here taken by Yoshikatsu Sato with a Leica M4-P in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Yoshikatsu's website here -


Thistledown by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.

Got back on Sunday from a great week's camping at Thistledown Farm in Nympsfield, Gloucestershire. No vespas there but did see an 'ape' or two - ape (pronounced aah-paay) being Piaggio's 3-wheeled utility vehicle & the Italian word for bee.

Perfect weather for camping; warm with some cloud cover & very little rain.

I wasn't organised enough to take my film camera & fancied a break anyway but couldn't resist taking a couple of shots on our holiday digital camera - more images here including some nice shots of bees collecting pollen from thistles...

If you like camping, check out Thistledown; it's a really nice secluded campsite with tonnes of space & is No.1 in the third edition of Cool Camping England

Thistledown Farm's website -

Thistledown FB page here


Gone camping...

VVC Tring rally - June 2010 by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.
Things will be a bit quiet around here next week as me & Mrs 'vespamore' are away camping.

Normal service will resume on my return.

Ride safe ; )

Scooter INvasion

Scooter INvasion by KiShoPix

Liking this capture by KiShoPix taken in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Southern Germany.


Excellent vid from S.I.P. Scootershop of their recent Vespa Tour to South of France including their visit to the Momoiron rally.

For German speakers you can check out the full report here on the SIP community blog.

vespamore photography gallery

SS180 'Dealer Special' by vespamore photography

New vespamore photography gallery page now online - here

Scooter Noise

Scooter Noise from scooter noise on Vimeo.

Wildcat inspired GS150

Check out this lovely GS150 VS5 owned by Mark Lecornu of Sydney workshop S.S. Scooter. Inspired by the styling of the 1960s Grimstead Wildcat GS, you can read the full story of Mark's GS & see more excellent fotos - here

S.S. Scooter FB page - here 



Great vespa restoration vid from Sport Production.


vespa finale blu giusta 1 by The Real Luke Skywalker

Nice panning shot by The Real Luke Skywalker (thought he'd been a bit quiet lately..) - see also

Niweczka's Garage

                               click foto to view large

Quality shot by Polish photographer Michal Gazda check out Michal's full 'Niweczka's Garage' album - here

Michal Gazda Photography FB page - here

Un Der pour la route

Lovely detail shot by Laurent Callot taken at 'Un Der pour la route' (One for the Road) 5-7 July, view the full set - here

Laurent Callot Photographies Flickr photostream - here

Laurent Callot Photographies Facebook page  - here


Vespa at Wheels & Waves - Biarritz 2013

Beautiful vespa shot taken by Bill Phelps at this year's Wheels &
Waves in Biarritz, FR - re-blogged from The Vintagent

SIP Vespa Tour Mormoiron 2013

L1004140 by sipscootershop
foto by sipscootershop on Flickr

Now that they have returned from the Mormoiron rally & after taking in some beautiful roads on the way there & back, you can now see the full set of fotos taken during the trip by SIP director Ralf Jodl on SIP Scootershop's Flickr stream - here

Not only are SIP the best guys around for classic (& now modern) vespa parts, they are all into scooters, owning & riding them too.

The thing I really like is the passion & commitment they show, which comes across in the presentation & photography in their catalogues, website & service too, which you'll know if you have bought parts from them.

SIP media page - here

SIP community/forums - here


SIP modern vespa catalogue (English version) - now out

Classic vespa parts supplier, S.I.P. Scootershop have now brought out the English version of their parts catalogue for modern vespas...

"Finally it is out: the all new English version of our accessories and tuning catalogue for modern Vespas. We have assembled a large collection from original Piaggio parts and many other brands to our very own products. 260 pages, all coloured, filled with spare parts and parts for Vespa S, LX, LVX, ET2, ET4, GT, GTS, Super, GTV and the new 946."

Included is this new screen below which isn't available from Piaggio dealers - follow link here to view screen on SIP's website. 

Click link here to view SIP's modern vespa parts catalogue


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