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- 35mm film photography by Paul Hart, gallery - here As well as featuring my own work, this blog also features work by other photographers and anything else creative that has caught my attention or inspired me. I am also current editor of the Veteran Vespa Club quarterly JOURNAL for club members.

book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link -

RETROSPECTIVE CYCLES book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link - here

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Vespa repose

                       click foto to view large

Seen via Mach's FB page

Vespa Love

Vespa Love by Andrew Bartram (WarboysSnapper)

Really like the composition in this Polaroid shot by film photographer Andrew Bartram.

Check out Andrew's website here -



vespas by David Ripamonti

Great shot of this Vespa line up taken by David Ripamonti on a Canon PowerShot S5 IS


vitesse by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.
I recently stumbled across this very nice Triumph Herald Vitesse convertible in central London.

Taken on Agfa slide film & cross processed with my Olympus OM-2N.

A couple of more shots here & here


America in the 1970s: New York City

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Some great shots here seen in 'In Focus' via The Atlantic, check out the full set - here

None of you look old enough to be out of the womb

None of you look old enough to be out of the womb by katizabitwhite

Very nice over exposed film shot by Kat - this has summer written all over it...

Kat's website -

Ricordo il profumo della Vespa...

Ricordo il profumo della Vespa... by Carmelo61 PhotoPassion Thanks

LOvely B&W shot by Carmelo Raineri taken in Salento near Lecce, IT

Carmelo's website -


Vespa by TRUKKO

Nice beach panorama with vespa taken by TRUKKO in Chiavari, Genoa, IT


VESPA - an Italian classic

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Love this typical Italian scene taken by Alessandro Ciapanna, view Alessandro's full set of vespa shots on his blog - here

Alessandro's website -

Alessandro's blog -

Le mie femmine ; )

Le mie femmine ; ) by Federico Savogin
foto by Federico Savogin on Flickr.
Very nice shot from my Italian amico Fede & his two ladies taken in Toscana, Italy enjoying 'La Dolce Vita'!

Vespa per due

vespa muse

S.I.P. Vespatour 2013

  by sipscootershop
foto by sipscootershop on Flickr.
Another gem from S.I.P's Vespatour, taken in Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, FR

More from this set - here

the Vespa viewpoint

the Vespa viewpoint by humbletree

Nice capture taken by humbletree in Madison, Wisconsin, US with a Ricoh GR Digital 3 camera

summer's here...

                               click foto to view large

Seen on Vespa Club Romania's FB page reminds me a lot of
Piaggio's late '60s/early70's vespa advertising...


Vespa accanto al mare

Nice shot seen on the Scooterist's FB page - here


VESPINO BROCHURE, a photo by flakahoo on Flickr.

De paseo

De paseo by javihacefotos
De paseo, a photo by javihacefotos on Flickr.

Great portrait by javihacefotos with this vespino, see also these two shots
here & here


... by icomewhenieatcaponata
foto by icomewhenieatcaponata on Flickr.
I've always really admired the photography from peppo peppo, also going by the highly original moniker of icomewhenieatcaponata..!

This lovely shot was taken in Agrigento in his native Sicily. For more of his unique photography visit peppo peppo's website below...



image by sipscootershop
foto by sipscootershop on Flickr.
Excellent shot from S.I.P. Scootershop who are currently in the South of France on this year's Vespatour - follow thier trip with fotos being posted here as the trip progresses.

SS180 pair

27 by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.
Like waiting for a bus; you wait ages for one to appear then two turn up at the same time..!

Saw this pair of beautiful Vespa SS180s at the Veteran Vespa Club's Canterbury rally, July 2013. Both were in excellent original condition, still wearing their red factory paint. The one with the screen is an early example from 1964; it was completely over painted with a similar red. The paint was painstakingly removed by it's owner with wet & dry paper over a few weeks to reveal the original factory paint.

Taken with my Olympus OM-2N, Zuiko F/1.4 lens on Kodak Portra 400ASA 35mm film. View full set -  here

All images copyright Paul Hart/vespamore photography


                              click foto to view large

Great film capture from US photographer & vintage scoot fan
 Jenny Markley, see previous post here on Jenny's work.

1950's scootering exhibition

Upcoming 1950's scootering exhibition taking place at Espresso Bar Mozzino, Carnaby Street, London - in association with the Veteran Vespa Club.

FB Event page - here

VS5 resto

Lovely restored GS150 VS5 by Sydney based Aussie workshop,
S.S. Scooter - nice composition in this shot too..

See full album - here

Maskes webshop now online


Dutch workshop Maskes Vespa Klassiekers' webshop is now
up & running, check it out here


Birthday scoot

Birthday scoot by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.
Out with my other half last week, celebrating her birthday with a sunny jaunt on the vespa to Rumsey's chocolaterie -

VVC Canterbury rally - July 2013

11 by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.
Another 35mm film shot from the set of fotos I took at last weekend's Veteran Vespa Club Canterbury rally, 11th - 14th July. See previous post  - here

Was pleased with how this came out, the Douglas Vespa on the right looked great. Nice to see it painted in black; nice as they are I do get a bit used to seeing these '50s models in the same factory metallic green - interesting rear light shroud too...

 View the full set - here

All images copyright vespamore photography/Paul Hart.

On top

Great image sent to me by Carlos Araújo

Gracias Carlos ; D

Smallframe chic

Nice shot seen on Vespa Club Polka's FB page


NOU BARRIS by Manel Armengol C.

Another lovely shot from Spanish photographer Manel Armengol this time taken in Barcelona in 1976

See previous post here

Manel's website - here

Vespa repairs

                                click foto to view large

Excellent shot & POV (point of view) of Magdalena Niwińska from  
Vespa Club Polska getting her hands dirty.

Vespa Club Polska website -


Veteran Vespa Club Canterbury event - July 2013

14 by vespamore photography
foto by vespamore photography on Flickr.
Following on from my return from Canterbury in previous post...

Nice GS150 VS4 (aka 'Luigi') from the set of shots I took at the Veteran Vespa Club's Canterbury event, 11th-14th July 2013 - view full set here

Taken with my Olympus OM-2N, Zuiko F/1.4 lens on Kodak Portra 400ASA 35mm film.

I was particularly taken with a pair of red SS180s in very good original condition, one of them being an early Super Sport from 1964.

All images copyright vespamore photography/Paul Hart.

Kleine Vespa Tour im Frühling

Classic Scooterist Scene - Aug/Sept 2013

Picked up a copy yesterday of the latest issue of Classic Scooterist Scene which includes a complimentary review of my RETROSPECTIVE SCOOTERS book

CSS FB page - here

Vespa en una carretera de Cádiz. 1979

VESPA by Manel Armengol C.

I love this shot from Spanish photographer Manel Armengol who has been working since 1975.

I really like the composition & perspective in this capture with your eye being led along the road & line of telegraph poles...

Check out more of Barcelona based Manel's work by clicking link here

S.I.P. Vespatour 2013

                                              click foto to view large

Cool shot taken on board Rally 200 - S.I.P. Scootershop boys en route from Bavaria to the Mormoiron rally hosted by Scooter Club du Sudest. You can get live updates of this year's SIP Vespatour, check out details below...

"Here we will report live from our SIP Tour 2013 - 12 vintage Vespas, 2500km, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy. Target is Mormoiron and the Scooter Meeting of the Scooter Club du Sudest. We will upload pictures here from time to time to keep you posted - enjoy!"

Mormoiron rally FB page here


JOYRIDE Vespatour 2013

Joyride_Vespatour-2013 39 by sipscootershop
foto by sipscootershop on Flickr

Love this shot from SI.P. Scootershop taken at their recent 'Joyride' - reckon this capture sums up 'Joyride' perfectly! See full set of shots from this year's ride here

I got to ride partially around Lake Amersee along these lovely roads when I visited S.I.P. at their Landsberg HQ back in April - happy days!

Nice little film below from S.I.P. Scootershop of this year's jaunt by vespa en masse around Lake Amersee in Bavaria, Southern Germany. I reckon someone must have been doing some 'van surfing' to get the aerial footage...!


Vespa by Thrama

Very nicely composed film shot taken by Lorenzo Lombardi

Lorenzo's blog/website here -

Canterbury Tales...

Fotos taken on Sunday evening in Oxford (inc the last one by my nearly 5yr old daughter!) after riding back from the Veteran Vespa Club's Canterbury weekend event. I had to work in London for most of the duration of the rally (Thurs-Sunday) but got away around 4.30pm on Saturday, getting to Canterbury at 7pm for the evening meal. Sounds like a great weekend was had by all who went, with a couple of decent rideouts taking in Canterbury, Whitstable, Dover & Deal among others, via some lovely B roads nestled in the beautiful Kent countryside.

I was a bit peeved to have missed out on the day trips but couldn't complain what with the enjoyable rides there & back in the exceptionally warm weather. The A40 between High Wycombe & Oxford is a lovely stretch of road too which I hadn't ridden before - the joys of riding by vespa...! I also picked up the 'Furthest Travelled' award by vespa for my troubles!

I got through a roll of film at the event & will add a couple of these in the next day or so when I get it processed. In the meantime you can see some pics from the VVC Canterbury event by going to the Veteran Vespa Club FB page here or try their website which will have pics up on there in the coming days -

Retrospective Scooters book - VVC Journal review

Just received the latest VVC (Veteran Vespa Club) Journal in the post which includes this review of my Retrospective Scooters book.

I'm pretty pleased with the review I'd say apart from maybe the relevance/appeal the book has to scooterists, although it's hardly criticism, more of an observation from the editor. For me, the book was about creating a home for some of the best vespa film photography I've done over the last seven years & creating a good looking coffee table book at the same time. Having taken all the shots myself & before now seeing them mostly at small scale; it's interesting for me viewing them larger & noticing details even I hadn't seen at first. There are loads of books out there chronicling the history of our beloved Vespa, with plenty of fotos of immaculate restored models but not much like this I don't think (particularly with the angle on 35mm film); the focus on a vintage vespa workshop is also something I don't think has really come up before & with the added interest of London, I reckon it makes for interesting material to most enthusiasts....

Another point I've heard raised is that I haven't made enough of the title of the book & me as the artist on the front cover. The book is first & foremost about the photography & we wanted to let it do the talking; I'm biased of course but I like it's subtlety.

Not that I'm at all unhappy with these comments, to be honest it's nice to get the feedback (good or bad). For those who have bought or flicked through the book, I'd be interested to see what you made of it. Answers on a postcard please... or just email me at or via the vespamore FB page.

We've got approximately 50 copies remaining of the book from the initial 200 we had printed in April. If you are interested in buying a copy (£29.50 + P&P), you can visit the specially set up book page here

Thanks to the VVC Journal's ed for the review - much appreciated ; )


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