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Retrospective Scooters

Retrospective Scooters from David Hardy on Vimeo.

"A short teaser for a 120 page book by Photographer Paul Hart. Based around Retrospective Scooters, London."

I rode my scoot over to meet up with Dave Hardy yesterday in my lunch hour; Dave shot this short film on his iphone using a Super 8 app. This is a wee reminder for those of you interested in the upcoming Retrospective Scooters book that it's not that far off now. Am just awaiting the final translations (book will be printed in Italian & German as well as English), when I get these back & have checked over final layout it will be ready to go off to the printer... not too long now I hope.

Private vespa parking

vespa by shimanosu

You can't get much better 'secure parking' than this...

Foto by Yoshihiro Kozuka aka shimanosu, taken in Nakata 1 Chome, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, JP with a Leica M4/Nokton Classic film camera.

Yoshihiro's website -

Old town

Old town by Anne-Laure Kesteman Photography

Nice diptych taken by Anne-Laure Kesteman in Almuñécar, Andalusia, ES

More of Anne Laure's work here -

Stars 'n Stripes

                                   click foto to view large

Nice images of this cool looking Davida helmet, re-blogged from RIDERS ROOM

A shot I took here of one of my Davida helmets on my Vespa Sprint Veloce

Vespa 50cc - Vintage Commercial #1

1960 Vespa VS5 #1

1960 Vespa VS5 #1 by

Like this shot of this GS150 awaiting restoration at Greentree Scooters.

See slideshow below for more pre-resto shots...




Vespa by  sefito

Nice capture by jose luis gea Arques, taken in Bonfim, Porto, PT

Windshield FALBO 50' + accessories

Windshield FALBO 50' + accessories by Long__John__Silver
foto by Long__John__Silver 
I couldn't have one of these on my vespa - I have my 'street cred' to consider, you can just imagine what your average pimply faced teenager would make of this while pulling up alongside you on his de-restricted twist n' go ped!

Interesting though these old period accessories, particularly with the built-in wiper to clear the screen...

                                click fotos to view large

This original paint Vespa GT125 is one of my fave scoots I've come across - see original post here.

Vespa seen in China Town

Vespa seen in China Town5 by 6/64

Another great shot by Mario Tannert taken in Bangkok, love the composition in this shot...

See previous post here

Norrie Kerr

                                 click foto to view large

Foto by Steve Grant



VA13 by Federico Savogin

LOvely rear view of my Italian friend Federico's 1980 ET3 Primavera - see Fede's vid here to hear the engine running with the original '80s Pinasco pipe fitted...

Vespa en el casco viejo.

Vespa en el casco viejo. by raul gonza|ez

Foto by Raul Gonzalez, taken in Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, ES.

See also recent post.

GS160 Twins

                             click foto to view large

Check out this album of shots of this lovely pair of original paint GS160s, both of which happened to be at the workshop of Dutch Vespa workshop, Maskes Vespa Klassiekers at the same time. One of these is still for sale at the time of writing this, not for long though I reckon...!

Vespa Sprint

                               click foto to view large

Another nice shot from Formalisten, see previous post....


                               click foto to view large

Nice shot of this German GS160 & Mercedes W123 taken by Formalisten


la primavera è nell'aria

Spring is in the air... well it felt like it was in London earlier this week, it's turned cold again now but not long until we get a taste of Spring & some warmer riding weather I hope!

A friend sent me this foto which she came across on Haute Design by Sarah Klassen.

El Rastro

El Rastro by N.D.K.K.

Awesome shot from regular blog contributor, Bulgarian Dido Mijahlov resident in Madrid - loving the low POV & perspective in this shot.....


                                click foto to view large


Swedish Rally

                              click fotos to view large

   Some nice shots of this Vespa Rally by Tobbe Stuhre in Sweden


fikay by -samu-

Cool set up taken by Samuel Cerruti in Arignano, Piemonte, IT

la vespa

la vespa by Thea.twinings - Crisvaz

Agfa Isolette
Shangai GP3
Ilford ID-11 1+1

Vespa film shot taken in Rome by Cristina Vazzoler



graffi by archifra -francesco de vincenzi-

I love this shot taken by Francesco de Vincenzi in Isernia, Molise, IT - the rich tones & colours are stunning..... un foto meraviglioso Francescco - thanks for allowing me permission to post this lovely shot.

Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit permission of Francesco de Vincenzi. © All rights reserved.

La "Costello"

The  La "Costello" silk scarf by A Piece of Chic is back in stock, cool scarf & foto...

 See previous SILK post here

my scooter

my scooter by Andy Gentry

Like this slightly abstract image from blog regular, Andy Gentry in Australia.

You can see more shots of Andy's GS160 here

Wind in my hair...

VI vespa the resistance



Regina by Muhamad Septiansyah

Nice Vespa fashion shot taken by Muhamad Septiansyah

Muhamad's website -

It's all in the details....

                                   click foto to view large

              LOvely shot by Jorh Jorgela Periotti, source here



Espresso Bar Mozzino

                               click fotos to view large

Called in to Espresso Bar Mozzino during my lunch hour today, based at the Carnaby Street end of  Broadwick Street, Soho. Opened six months ago, it's a nice little cafe bar run by a Vespa enthusiast complete with a Messerschmitt GS150 parked up in the window as you enter. Among the nice touches were the framed, period Piaggio calendar pages which had seen better days.

I just had coffee but there looked to be a decent selection of panini, cakes, pastries etc. If you happen to be in Soho, check them out...

Espresso Bar Mozzino FB page

2013 新春 熱血環島團 Day1

2013 新春 熱血環島團 Day1 by Kenji Wang

2013 新春 熱血環島團 Day1

photo by Kenji Wang

101 motos clasicas

101 motos clasicas by kiko.llorens

LOvely Lambretta detail shot from kiko Llorens

Live Viciously

Live Viciously by louis konstantinou

Great shot by Thessaloniki based Photographer/ Graphic designer/ Graffiti artist/ Painter,  Louis Konstantinou


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