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Benzina magazine rides again...

I've mentioned Benzina magazine on vespamore numerous times before, although not for a while now ...

Greg Pullen, Benzina's committed creator & editor took a break after issue 10. Unsurprisingly he had run out of gas, having spent a large amount of time writing & researching features/articles & not inconsiderable investment, on what is a personal crusade/labour of love for all things classic Italian motorcycles. Greg had consistently produced Benzina pretty much on his own, occasionally calling in help from friends & willing contributors who shared his own vision & passion for Italian bikes, such as Vicki Smith from

As with any small scale project like this & knowing from my own 'vespamore' experience, it can be a long road pursuing a personal passion & endeavoring to bring it to a wider audience. It requires a lot of hard work, time & effort for often very little in return & can be pretty thankless at times! Greg has aimed (very successfully in my opinion) to put out a motorcycle publication in a league of it's own, set apart from all the other 2-wheel offerings regularly appearing on the newstands. The squarer format of the magazine on thicker matt paper & satin cover has a very nice, high quality feel & is worth every penny of it's £9 cover price. 'Quality not quantity' is the overriding ethos that jumps out from every page with an emphasis on decent photography - my own 35mm film work has been featured in Benzina numerous times, rating high among my prouder achievements.

After a well earned rest & re-assessment, I'm really pleased Greg has now returned with a revised version of Benzina magazine with the additional help of a partner & some added investment. The mag now looks & feels even better than before which is saying something; the content & print quality of issues 1-10 were already of a high calibre.

Greg Pullen & Benzina magazine serves as an inspiration (for me personally) & fellow creatives to carry on doing what they're doing; aspiring to produce something of genuine quality and uniquely different to other offerings - that to me deserves respect & is to be applauded.

If you have a passing or strong interest in classic Italian motorcyles you owe it to yourself to buy Benzina magazine - you will definitely be thanking me for bringing it to your attention, if you didn't already know of Benzina before now.

The current issue - Benzina Issue 12 can be ordered here as well as any of the previous eleven back issues.

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