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Italian Surfland - Milano Marittima

foto by Alessandro Bocchi - all rights reserved

Che meravigliosa... loving this film shot by Alessandro Bocchi  - excellent work..! This capture is of Francesca, a surfer from Forli.

See Alessandro's full set here which was taken at Milano Marittima - Cervia (RA) Italy - "Italian SurfLand" is a series of portraits of surfers, windsurfer, kitesurfer and also a skateborder.

Image details:

- Camera: TOYO-FIELD 45 AII L (Linhof)
- Lens: Voigtlander Heliar 210 1:4.5 in Compound shutter
- Exposure: 1 second betwen f 4.5 and f 6.3
- Film: HARMAN FB Direct Positive Paper - 3 ASA - size 4x5"
- Developer: ILFORD PQ UNIVERSAL 1+9 - 2 minutes at 20° C
- Lightmeter: Gossen Lunasix 3 reading the incident light.
- Lightning: Ambient light only.
- Scanner: EPSON V700 and EPSON Scan 3.81
- Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Alessandro - grazie mille for letting me feature this lovely shot & set ; )

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  1. Anonymous22.3.14

    Great picture..Photo .we we're in milano Euro lambretta 1997..anniversary .nuttypaul ,amaile, Polo...f.i.s.c.a. muttley s.c.milano ,,oi"oi from nutty Paul of east London s.c..Bellazundapp..scooter...oi oi. 28



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