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Rusted Vespa while Sunset

Rusted Vespa while Sunset by famiglia_vienna

Cool shot by famiglia_vienna taken in Vienna, Austria - love the tones & colours in this...


  1. Anonymous22.3.14

    Lovely Photo!!!we stayed in vienna Lovely place @ Lovely people at the 2o1o rally river danue scooter rally...hello to rudy,and blonde skinhead wife..oi oi and the austria lambretta lounge scooter Club...from nutty Paul conway and Toni class..London scooter Boys

  2. Anonymous12.4.15

    R.I.p. Mr Anthony page the gentleman...aka Toni class dj and millwall fc fan...we miss you Toni class rip from sir Paul conway (nuttypaul)

  3. Anonymous12.4.15

    R.I.p. top mod ,ace face ,Toni class,hotel,motel,



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