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Retrospective Scooters book - VVC Journal review

Just received the latest VVC (Veteran Vespa Club) Journal in the post which includes this review of my Retrospective Scooters book.

I'm pretty pleased with the review I'd say apart from maybe the relevance/appeal the book has to scooterists, although it's hardly criticism, more of an observation from the editor. For me, the book was about creating a home for some of the best vespa film photography I've done over the last seven years & creating a good looking coffee table book at the same time. Having taken all the shots myself & before now seeing them mostly at small scale; it's interesting for me viewing them larger & noticing details even I hadn't seen at first. There are loads of books out there chronicling the history of our beloved Vespa, with plenty of fotos of immaculate restored models but not much like this I don't think (particularly with the angle on 35mm film); the focus on a vintage vespa workshop is also something I don't think has really come up before & with the added interest of London, I reckon it makes for interesting material to most enthusiasts....

Another point I've heard raised is that I haven't made enough of the title of the book & me as the artist on the front cover. The book is first & foremost about the photography & we wanted to let it do the talking; I'm biased of course but I like it's subtlety.

Not that I'm at all unhappy with these comments, to be honest it's nice to get the feedback (good or bad). For those who have bought or flicked through the book, I'd be interested to see what you made of it. Answers on a postcard please... or just email me at or via the vespamore FB page.

We've got approximately 50 copies remaining of the book from the initial 200 we had printed in April. If you are interested in buying a copy (£29.50 + P&P), you can visit the specially set up book page here

Thanks to the VVC Journal's ed for the review - much appreciated ; )

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