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BSG Corse & S.I.P. Scootershop

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Italian tuning house BSG have teamed up with S.I.P. Scootershop who are supplying their range of unbelievably powerful tuning parts. I imagine you'll need deep pockets to accomodate BSG's CNC milled engine case plus the required numerous components to upgrade your scoot to their spec...

I witnessed BSG's work first hand & up close during S.I.P's custom show in Landsberg, Bavaria in April earlier this year - see here

S.I.P. press release

As of now, SIP Scootershop is the exclusive European sales partner of tuning wizards BSG from Parma, Italy... and once again vintage Vespa tuning enthusiasts move one step closer to paradise.

 Alongside Falc, Quattrini and Co. BSG offer some of the hottest tuning parts available to date. The three letters that make up the company name originate from the surname initials of high-end tuner Fabio Begani, racing legend Stefano Scauri and ET-3 boss Alessandro Graiani. We could stop explaining right here because these guys don't do things by halves. Quite on the contrary BSG and the BSG supported pilots belong to the premier league of Italian scooter racing. Be it in the VPI (Vespa Pista Italia), the CIA (Campionata Italiano Accelerazione) or the new POLINI Cup. With a stunning performance of 48PS, the BSG smallframes was the most powerful scooter on the dyno at the Customshow in Landsberg 2013. It's clear that special components are required to rein such power.
The CNC engine case forms a solid basis for extreme performances. The guys have been working on this project for years and put the engine case to the test in countless races. By now they are ready to sell it to you.

The engine case is CNC milled from solid material. The enormous crankcase provides enough space for the BSG full circle crankshaft with 90.2mm crankwebs. In order to increase the pre-compaction the cylinder base is equipped with no more than a slot in which the conrod moves. Of course this can also be enlarged. The bearing seats are designed for 52x20x15mm crankshaft bearings. Spacers for the crankshaft bearings are included. In order to achieve maximum performance, the crankshaft has to be exactly aligned. The engine case comes with a 19.5mm screw-on spacer that allows of extreme transfer ports. Although you can modify the engine case to use a crankshaft intake, we strongly suggest the use of cylinders with direct intake. Suitable for all watercooled cylinders with 54-64mm Ø bore and 54-56mm stroke. e.g.: FALC, QUATTRINI and PARMAKIT. Karting cylinders (such as TM, ROTAX Ø 60mm) and CAGIVA or GILERA racing cylinders are currently used to achieve maximum performance.

The engine case comes with a detachable shock mount that allows you to use rigid (drag racing) shock absorbers. Also the swing arm is detachable and provides enough room for 3.50-10 tyres. The gearshift arm is ball bearing mounted. You can either use a conventional ignition system, or ignitions made by PVL or SELECTRA. Primary bearing, engine studs and other small parts are included in the scope of delivery. All other components can be taken from a PK engine. The engine case requires the use of a BSG crankshaft. The version with detachable cover allows of fast adjustments to the gearbox, while the engine is mounted. This way you stay flexible at 150-400m races. 

All BSG parts are available in our shop!

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