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Late on the Vespa

Late on the Vespa by aless marcolin

Great panning shot by Alessandro Marcolin - these are pretty difficult to pull off....

Girl On Wheel

                        click foto to view large

Nice image taken by Krisna Pratiwi

Classic Moto Guzzi Collection

Untitled by Vespamore !

Untitled by Vespamore !

Untitled by Vespamore !

A collection of shots taken late March 2012 - I was invited by classic Italian motorcycles publication, Benzina magazine to take some shots of this amazing private Guzzi collection.

The slightly patinated 1946 Dondolino with racing number was my personal fave. However the 1938 GTC Leggera, 1954 Falcone Sports with twin clocks & the other 1960 Falcone Sports with single clock were also very special...

All taken with my Olympus OM-2N & F/1.4 Zuiko lens, some shots taken on expired Fuji Tungsten slide film & cross processed. Other shots on Fuji Superia film 3200ASA. Full set of shots I took can be seen here

See also this post on Benzina blog  

Benzina magazine issue 7

Very pleased to get this shot published in the excellent Benzina magazine, towards back of current issue No.7

See previous post about Benzina magazine here

Thanks to Greg Pullen, creator/writer/editor of Benzina

Original shot shown below - see full set of shots here I took of this lovely Moto Morini 3 & 1/2

Untitled by Vespamore !


X-Pro GS

Untitled by Vespamore !

Very nice original white paint MK1 GS160 taken at Retrospective Scooters on expired Fuji Tungsten slide film & cross processed. Taken with my Olympus OM2-N & F/1.4 Zuiko lens

More of my vespa film shots here on vespamore photography website

Spitfire MK3

Slightly rusty but still nice; shot this MK3 Triumph Spitfire near Muswell Hill in March 2012.

Taken with my Olympus OM2-N on expired Fuji Tungsten slide film & cross processed.

More of my classic car shots taken on film here on vespamore photography website.

Vintage Vespa Run 2012

I didn't get along to this event this year mainly as it would've been a very early start for me & it was raining!

See previous post about last years' event here which I did go to & took some film shots

Kickstart rideout 2012

LOvely shot taken at The Kickstart rideout by KAi979, Saturday 24th March, Bar Italia in frith Street, Soho to Greenwich Maritime College

Give Yourself a Little Vespa


Sprint X-Pro

One of my recent vespa shots taken March 2012 with my Olympus OM-2N on expired Fuji Tungsten 35mm film & cross-processed.

More of my Vespa shots here on vespamore photography website

Nyepi night ride

Cool shot by Popcadelic, see full set of shots taken here 

Nyepi is a Balinese "Day of Silence" that is commemorated every Isaawarsa (Saka new year) according to the Balinese calendar (in 2012, it falls on March 23rd). It is a day of silence, fasting, and meditation. The day following Nyepi is also celebrated as New year.


Elvis Micot's '64 Vespa

Elvis Micot emailed me these nice shots he took of his 1964 Vespa, shot in Extremadura, Plasencia in the Province of Cáceres, Spain - gracias Elvis ; )

Anyone else who would like to see their classic vespa on vespamore photography blog can email me shots to well composed, quality shots only please - thanks.

andante con brio

Beautiful shot by Valerio Similie, taken just outside Porto Torres, near Sassari on north coast of Sardegna.

Makes me want to jump into the frame & be there - lovely image, composition, atmosphere.... the road, vespa, sun, clear skies reminds of this one I took of my own vespa back in 2006 - see here

Parma: spring morning

Parma: spring mornig (63973) by by Andrea Franchi
Viale dei Mille in una mattina di primavera

Nice shot by Andrea Franchi

Andrea's own website

Robbie McIntosh Photography

(Vespa in the Alley) by Robbie McIntosh Photography
(Vespa in the Alley)

(3 wheeler) by Robbie McIntosh Photography 
(3 wheeler)

I love both of these shots by Scotsman Robbie McIntosh. Both are excellent examples of candid street photography which can be very difficult to pull off properly.

Glasgow is Robbie's hometown but his grandparents are Italian & he has recently moved to Italy for a temporary work assignment. You can view more of Robbie's evocative Italian photography on his Flickr photostream here

Thanks to Robbie for letting me blog these great shots. If anyone would like to use these shots or require prints please contact Robbie via his Flickr page for permission & details - thanks.

Vespa chica

foto re-blogged from Retro Scooter Garage


8 Ball

8 Ball #1 by Simon_J_C

Like this atmospheric shot by Simon Crockford....


A film by - Mark Gostick
Produced by - Trevor Mason

Starring -
Andrew Almond
Warren Caswell
Aaron Draper
Simon Koo
TJ Mason
Mickee McDonagh
Matt Thompson

Camera by - Mark Gostick and Lee Vincent Grubb

Music - 'Calling the Shots' by the The Mighty Mocambos

Post Production by - Polymath Films

Craig Landale

First seen on TSE (Team S Equipe) 'Enjoy the Ride' blog - excellent short film by Polymath films. Featuring the very cool 'Unknown Pleasures' series III Lambretta which I shot on 35mm film at last year's Sunday Best Scooterfest at Whitewebbs transport museum. More of my Lambretta film shots on vespamore photography website here

Untitled by Vespamore !

Team S Equipe 'Enjoy the Ride' blog


Nice shot by journalist/photojournalist Zulkifle Che Abdullah, based in Kota Bharu, Malaysia


Great shot by mo-71 really good POV (point of view)

15 years of SIP Scootershop

Read interview with Alex & Ralf on SIP's website here


Vespa Ad

Vespa Ad by mistral320
Vespa Ad, a photo by mistral320 on Flickr.

Jaguar E-Type Coupé

Jaguar E-Type Coupé by Auto Clasico

At the 1971 London Motor Show by Auto Clasico


Lovely warm film shot by Enrico Ravanini, taken with his Pentax SLR camera, 50mm lens on Kodak 200ASA 35mm film.

I'm always pushing the virtues of 'old skool' film over digital, Enrico's shot is the perfect example of my philosophy; you just couldn't get such an atmospheric, tonally rich shot as this on digital, not without significantly 'photoshopping' it.

I may be in a shrinking minority with my continued pursuit of 'film goodness' but Enrico's shot gives me continued hope I'm right to ...

Some Paris in Thirds

I really like this triptych by Robert Croma more of London based Robert's work can be viewed on his website at


Images re-blogged from VESPAGRAM blog



LOve this awesome shot by Luca Savettiere - what a fantastic image! Reminds me of Adriano's similar street shot, see previous post here

See Luca's own website here

1953-1971 The first great victories - paintings by Thierry Nou

I love these paintings by French artist Thierry Nou, for more info read the Southsiders blog post where I first saw these or better still Thierry Nou's own website

Also check out this amazing set of images by Nigel Smuckatelli on Flickr, photos and videos taken during the Golden Age of Endurance Racing of the 50's, 60's and 1970's. Many of the photos were taken by Nigel at the 24 Hours of Daytona and The 12-Hours of Sebring where he worked as a course official.


Nice shot taken by Massimo Ankor in Torino


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