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Sara Fernández

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All of the above superb, classic vespa shots were taken by talented photographer Sara Fernández

I've often admired Sara's scooter images on Flickr where I first came across her work & have invited a fair few to my vespa super group on the site.

Sara is also friendly with Raul Gonzalez, another excellent Spanish photographer I've featured regularly on the vespamore photography blog; both of them sharing a passion for classic scooters.

I've wanted to feature Sara's scooter photography on here for a while now & recently asked if she'd be okay with me writing a post. I was very pleased when she obliged & sent me the lovely shots you see here. I also asked Sara to include a few words about her work & why she likes classic scooters, below you can read what she said:

"About me... I am a graphic designer so I did a little film photography at school, however I got my first DSLR camera in the beginning of 2010, as a present. I started taking photos because I went through a rough time and needed to keep my mind busy but surprisingly it became a passion right away. 2 months ago I took a big step and purchased the Canon 5D Mark II; a full frame camera. Since then, I'm even more into photography. I recently bought too the 135 mm f2.0L for Canon, an amazing lens for street photography, which is my real thing. My vespa shots are always taken with the 50mm f1.4, I love to zoom in really close to a detail.
I live in Valencia, Spain. Here, there are still some old scooters and bikes, but it's more difficult as time goes by to see them, so when I find one I get this nervous, awesome feeling and I need to capture it. My love for classic scooters (mainly Vespa and Lambretta) started in Graphic Design school, when I had to do a monographic project about anything, and one of my classmates picked Vespas. That's when I started really looking at them, and slowly falling in love with the design.
I have a major in Information Technology and another one in Graphic Design. I work as a graphic designer and I'm also an illustrator in my free time. I mostly do children's illustrations. I have a blog that shows my graphic design and illustration works"

Sara - muchas gracias for sending me the above; I always enjoy hearing about others' passion for classic Vespas & Lambrettas &  hope this post introduces a few more people to your great work ; )

More of Sara's scooter shots below...

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  1. I thought I had made a comment here!
    Thank you Paul again for doing this, you're too kind!
    Happy 2013!!



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