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Vespa Beijing

I've always wondered if there is any kind of classic scooter scene in China; the vespamore photography blog has a strong following in the Far East; particularly Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam & to a lesser extent, Japan but very little interest, if any from China.

I guess Italian Vespas & Lambrettas didn't really make it over to China in large numbers; I imagine the powers that be pushed national brands rather than import foreign scooter manufacturers..?

From this cool short film uploaded by minimooger  it would seem a few classic Italian scoots have found their way over to China - if any Chinese classic scooter owners/fans or anyone else with knowledge of the Chinese scene can enlighten me with more info I'd appreciate it - email me at

This short film displays a link at the end to the Vespa Beijing blog/website from what I can tell as it's in Chinese

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