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London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony

Film source:

Wow!! I don't know what others thought of film director Danny Boyle's visionary opening ceremony but I was pretty much blown away; mainly by the vision & ambition he displayed in taking on such diverse historic themes as Brunel & the industrial revolution, Suffragettes, the arrival of West Indian immigrants etc.... What a job to bring together all those elements in one show. I thought he did it amazingly well though; the lighting of the olympic cauldron being spectacular & unlike anything seen before it....

There were parts I liked less so, such as the NHS section but appreciated the sentiment behind it & the relevance & importance it has to this country. Mr Bean 'does my head in' I'm afraid but inexplicably is a very successful British comedy export! However being a Bond fan I did like the film sequence at Buckingham Palace which I thought was great & loved the very beginning film journey along the river Thames. Not being one of his fans; I even have to admit to enjoying watching 'Becks' steaming up the Thames in his speedboat, with the Olympic flame!

Musically, thought Dizzee & the Arctic Monkeys did a grand job & nice to see nods to Bowie, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, Queen etc but much as I love The Beatles' music, Paul McCartney's voice is a long way past it's best. Although, it was a nice touch him & his band playing 'The End' from the excellent Abbey Road (my fave Beatles album) & in fairness he was the best choice to close the proceedings....

The central involvement of so many volunteers, children, nurses etc & emphasis on youth was great I thought. A lot of our country's history sits uneasily with me; our rampant Empire building, colonization, slavery & involvement in countries like Palestine & Ireland. Last night though, I did feel a sense of pride in being British watching Danny Boyle's ceremony - great job Mr Boyle & all involved!

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