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World Vespa Days fotos from S.I.P. Scootershop

L1061973 by sipscootershop
A photo by sipscootershop on Flickr.
I hung out with the S.I.P. boys for a fair chunk of the World Vespa Days event (14th - 18th June) which involved dinner one night, a few drinks, one long sight seeing ride thru central London & a lot of insanely fast riding through the centre of town, late at night in the wee small hours. It was excellent fun; they're great company & ride some very cool classic vespas; in most cases old, orig. paint scoots tuned to within an inch of their sorry lives!!

Check out S.I.P. Scootershop's London stay in pictures by clicking link here

I took a load of 35mm film shots of the weekend's event which can be seen here

S.I.P. on Facebook

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