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Warning - buying Vietnamese scooters

             foto from Vnscooter Facebook page

A word of warning to mainly UK scooterists but relevant to all scooterists worldwide.

I was recently contacted by a UK guy who paid $4700 (approx £3000) to Vietnamese company Avalon Scooters for a restored SX & TV Lambretta. Unfortunately the guy has not heard a peep from Avalon Scooters since making the payment. Without wanting to adopt a "told you so" attitude to this poor guy; most will know a restored Lambretta SX or TV singularly will sell for over double the price offered for this pair of models...

It would seem Avalon scooters have taken/misappropriated images of genuinely well restored scooters from Vnscooter, another Vietnamese company & passed them off as their own restorations on the Avalon Scooters website. Confusion has since arisen here in the UK that Avalon Scooters & Vnscooter are the same company or linked together which they are not.

Sy Manh Tran, owner of Vnscooter also contacted me & asked me to highlight this fact & reiterate he/Vnscooter has no connection whatsoever to Avalon Scooters. He did also offer to contact the Vietnamese police regarding this incident concerning Avalon Scooters & the UK buyer.

I would be extremely wary about parting with my money & buying an unseen scooter from the other side of the globe. I would possibly consider this if I had good contacts I trusted who could source a scooter for me, even then I would still be pretty nervous clicking send on the bank transfer! It's for all of us as individuals to make our own minds up but from this story it would appear scooterists' interests are best served by staying well clear of Avalon Scooters.

As for Vnscooter & owner Sy Manh Tran, he seems a genuinely decent guy, this certainly stands up in the email correspondence I've had with him. The scooters he has for sale & restored (see previous post), appear to be the real thing. However as I've not met him properly, given I've never visited Vietnam, I would still tread very carefully if you are considering buying a scooter from Vietnam. Fellow blogger Da Nguyen who runs the excellent Scooterist blog is a friend of Sy Manh Tran's & is another Vietnamese guy I have time for. If I were to consider buying a scooter from Vietnam, which I'm not, I would contact both Sy Manh Tran at Vnscooter & Da Nguyen - this is in no way acts as a recommendation to any of you out there & any choices you make are yours & yours alone I'm afraid!

Vnscooter Facebook page -

The Scooterist blog -


  1. Hi, if all this above is true how come the site is still running of avalon scooters? Can someone answer? For me that is strange in this site of are the feedbacks as they have only photos and no review of people who bought the scooter. Another fact was when i tried to talk with avalon scooters on skype they wrote that they have their speaker out of order and their boss of the company has no name. People who bought scooter from them should answer in this topic. I feel sorry also for the uk guy who paid them and no scooter was sent, infact recently i contacted the company of Avalon scooters and a certain Dinh T Ngoc Thuy told him about the matter and he replied that this is not true, i linked him all the negative topics including the above, by the way i could not found any positive topics regarding avalonscooters besides their pictures on their feedback's site with no comments (just for example: SATISFIED CUSTOMER FROM AUSTRALIA..), who i'm going to beleive?? Is the site of Avalonscooters scam or not? What about Vietnamese Police email? as i couldn't find it. Avalonscooters does really exists?? or is all invented? I wrote back again to Dinh T Ngoc Thuy (if this is really his or her name..) and he replied that he is going to reply all the negative topics about the Avalonscooters but i didn't read any reply from them since he promised to do so on all the topics/discussions. Anyone could check for me?? One time to be honest was interested in to order a scooter from this company but when i read this topic and others i changed my mind..:/
    Please all scooterist passionates reply!!! Thanks!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous21.10.14

      dont know how they manage to keep going but they are a fraud the company does not exist only the web site he or she sends you all the paperwork but its all fake, and Dinh very convincing dont believe him/her its all lies

    2. Anonymous9.12.16

      I was going to purchase a lambretta from Avalon, but after reading these posts I have a better idea. I am sending him all of the info for the scooter I want, then when he shops it to me and I test if i will be more than happy to send the money. It's exactly what he is asking his customers to do and everyone knows in business if you run a legit business you never ask your customers to do what you are not willing to do. The major difference in this scenario is I will actually send him the money if I receive the scooter. Thanks for the info .

    3. Anonymous12.4.17

      This criminal is still operating and has taken me for a sizeable chunk of dollars. Only wish I'd done more checks before transferring payment. I am astounded that the website is still allowed to operate given the content of detail on this link. I have opened an official fraud case application. I'm heading to VN on holiday soon also, and have enlisted some friends to help give the me the opportunity to 'say hello' in person. Definitely crossed the wrong person.

  2. Anonymous12.6.13

    We have the same problem wiht avalon-scooters, we payed and since then we only get some excuses from them, false delivery... and so on. Now we try to get our money back with some connections in vietnam, worst case we pay a bounty hunter...

  3. Looks like "good" old Vespaxporter case - I was robbed by them. Please see for details...

  4. Anonymous19.7.13

    send an email to me..I am frequently in Saigon and a Vespa guy too.. I restore my Vespas strictly myself...lots of scam around here. Iknow the Vietnam Scam and can give support if zou all guys want. these criminals feel save in their country but are not

    1. Got this invoice from Aventscooters some time ago they are now unavailable. have you Hared of them

      Thank you for your
      interest in our scooters.

      Below, please find the information you requested:
      * Price of scooter:
      - Lambretta LIS in red/cream: US$ 2300

      Ocean Shipping cost: US$ 350 (transit time 28 days)

      customs clearance charges, import tax, home delivery (Door to Door Services): US$ 800

      Total: US$ 3450
      below are the options& extra services you can choose to include to your order:

      1/ Extra options:

      - You can choose at:

      2/ Shipping insurance: US$ 250/pc
      (recent shipping:
      3/ Air Shipping cost: US$ 1200/pc (transit time 4 days)
      4/ Extended Warranty:
      - 06 months extended: US$ 200
      - 12 months extended: US$ 300
      - 24 months extended: US$ 500
      * Papers:
      - We provide all the necessary import and registration papers - Bill of Lading,
      Packing List
      , De-registration form,
      Bill of Sale,
      Insurance paper
      - all of these documents are in English and they are enough to import and register the scooter in your country
      * Original parts:

      - Frame and engine with their original numbers to ensure 100% reliability - our scooters are not only piece of history but also offer
      an enjoyable riding and in good values
      - Spare accessories that will come with scooter, of course at no charge: Floor Mat, Spark plug /wheel nuts Wrench combo, Waterproof scooter cover, Oil/Gas mixture cup, Light bulbs and Spare tire cover.
      I hope this information helps.
      In case you would like to ask or discuss anything, please, let me know.
      Yours sincerely
      Sang Nguyen &
      (+84) 965598590
      Restored Vintage Vespa - Lambretta Scooters - Shipping Worldwide since 2002

  5. Anonymous3.9.13

    hi i was just about to buy a scooter from avalon scooters and it looks like i have had a close shave cheers for the warning

  6. Anonymous8.5.14

    they stung me for £2500 I have there numbers emails even a bill of lading who can catch this scum!!!

  7. Anonymous24.6.14

    I wish i had done my home work on Avalon now ! We was taken for £2300 ! Dinh the nicest bloke around took full payment not a word from the B*****d since ! He as just chosen my next holiday....

  8. Anonymous11.8.14

    Whoever is a victim of Fraud in this case like the above should lodge a police report and inform google straight away and including the Police so they start to investigate by cyber crime section. Please don't just write but take action... The site is still running and the victim by now should are aware and emphasise that this site will be removed so no more victims will be in total... Hope was clear, whoever is a passionate scooter will easy fall as they have attractive photos and rare models which are in a showroom condition and classic/vintage. Please hope that you understand!

  9. Anonymous8.10.14

    II had a lambretta sx 200 from them, fabulous quality and arrived really quickly - a week ahead of schedule! many thanks to Avalon team.

    1. Anonymous16.8.15

      hello Dihn

  10. Anonymous12.10.14

    I bought a white GS from Avalon and I delighted with the scooter, exactly as ordered and is finished very well. I also give them credit for customer service, very good...Even following up after the sale...very much appreciated...

    1. Anonymous18.8.15

      can you supply photos and details where shipped to

  11. Anonymous21.10.14

    Avalon scooter scam fraud
    I was nearly caught out a while ago by this web site but after some research found it is a scam, not only from this website but others not only in the UK but also germany

    1. Anonymous21.10.14

      Avalon fraud

    2. Anonymous25.10.14
      heres another one from German site also note SX 200 in stock list--it is still being used on stock list today over 2 years later??

    3. Anonymous25.10.14

      avalon scam

  12. fucking avalon ....I paid them over 1500 USD. They gave me 16 pictures and nothing else ......on 1/10/2014 any advise

    1. Sorry Rupert, I wish I could advise you - any ideas, anyone else following this thread..?

    2. 2doubled25.10.14

      report them to their email provider, also to scam sites put the details of scam on as many sites as you can so others don't get caught ,keep sending emails to block up their email.

  13. thanks to this site it looks like i have also had a lucky escape with Avalon scooters,once you start looking you find all the warnings

    1. Glad this post gave you a head's up Dave !

  14. Anonymous23.1.15

    Hi Blimey. iwill not be buying after reading your comments.

    Please see the e mail I just received
    Hi XXXXX

    You can see below the price for your interested scooter:

    Lambretta LIS 150 Italy Innocenti Original in green/white

    - Price: US Dollar 2400 (Special Offers)

    - Shipping to Southampton port: US Dollar 300
    - UK customs clearance, tax, home delivery: US Dollar 750

    Discount: 1 Lambretta Chair

    TOTAL: US Dollar 3450 or GBP 2300 home delivery

    *Restore time: about 14 days
    *Transit time: about 31 days

    - We provide full legal documentation for your new registration in your country.

    - The scooter is Italy Innocenti original with original frame and engine number. The scooter is fully restored, in pristine condition and ready to ride when you receive it. We also offer a 90 day guarantee and 100% money guarantee back if the scooter is not a genuine Italy Innocenti Lambretta.

    - We've shipped many scooters abroad and you can go to: to see our satisfied customers with our scooters.

    - For payment, we accept payment by bank wire transfer to our bank account as method of payment.

    Feel free to ask us any questions.


    Dinh T Ngoc Thuy

    Customer Service/Email

  15. Anonymous7.5.15

    FxxK, I was late to read this warning, I have been send the money (USD:6300) to Avalon already, and I also found the photo that Avalon send to me all fake photo and steal from other website, do anyone have helpful information to find this guy and I want to visit Vietnam to take care this case. Thanks!

  16. Graham15.7.15

    Bastards,l have parted with £3040.28 just 4 weeks ago & unfortunately l have just realised that its a con. If anyone can help in bringing down this con artist down count me in.15th July 2015

  17. Graham15.7.15

    Bastards,l have parted with £3040.28 just 4 weeks ago & unfortunately l have just realised that its a con. If anyone can help in bringing down this con artist down count me in.15th July 2015

  18. Peter Tapiolas4.8.15

    Am I lucky because I have just picked up a Lambretta SX 200 together with a VBB with side car at the port and the quality is beyond what I expected

    1. Anonymous12.8.15

      Hi Peter
      Would you be able to post any pictures of your new purchases? Thanks

    2. Anonymous12.8.15

      your name MUST really be Dinh T Ngoc Thuy you also put in the comments about the GS 150 and sx 200 that arrived early Avalon scooters is a fraud

  19. California Scooterist5.10.15

    Hey Paul, Thanks for keeping this thread OPEN. This is one of the only hopes that people like me can have in avoiding such a big CON. Please everyone get the word out about this bogus site. Dinh is convincing and very dangerous.

  20. I think your blog is very powerfull to me. We have hope that u can keep up the good job. Will u please take a look at our page also?
    Scooters For Sale

  21. Hello
    My name is Nir and I'm from Israel.
    This Dinh stole from me 1900$
    My email is:
    Don't make any payment to this Avalon Scooters company, and don't believe any word of this Mr Dinh

  22. Anonymous15.4.16

    Glad I caught this thread as I may have been sucked in.

  23. Hi,somebody listen about empire scooter??

    1. Anonymous11.6.16

      empire scooters has the same type website and pictures are from other scooter restorers so empire could well be the same as Avalon scooters maybe the same people , make sure you do your research get testimonial's from happy customers if you cant get confirmation from happy clients don't use them

  24. I think Avalon is now advertising as Avent scooters. I have parted with $4500 usd

  25. How do I report this scam to Vietnam authorities? Anybody had similar experience with Avent scooters?

  26. Anonymous27.6.16 maybe one of them as I have no email from them about my vespa.

  27. Anonymous27.6.16

    avent and empire scooters look to be one and the same they have the same website and same photos from other scooter restorers, these may also be Avalon ???

    1. Anonymous13.7.16

      Avalon also have some video on utube making you believe they are their scooters, the videos look to be ripped off from a restorer in Jakarta Indonesia scooter99

    2. Anonymous6.9.16

      Has anyone bought from either of these scooter companies, avalon or empire. I have been talking to Empire about a SX200 via a Mr Hoang.

  28. Anonymous13.7.16

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  30. Anonymous3.2.17

    In 2017 he is still trying to scam, I nearly fell for it. I was very close.
    Thank you for your website.

  31. Anonymous10.2.17

    Can anyone tell me if Avent Scooters are genuine company or are they scammers as well

  32. Anonymous14.2.17

    avent seem to have same type website and pics of empire and Avalon,

  33. Anonymous14.2.17

    Saigon scooters supply scooters are a bit dearer but you get what you pay for P Joynt owner , I bought a lambretta from scooteraz Nguyen Cong Thanh again you get what you pay for, I had a couple of issues to check and up date and some minor repairs, but at least I had a scooter delivered. older lambrettas even in Vietnam are getting fewer, do your home work and get testimonial's from previous buyers



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