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Vespa Sprint Veloce - Prima Serie (restored & un-restored)

Piaggio Vespa 125 Sprint Veloce - 1968 by Maurizio Boi
photo by Maurizio Boi

This is how my vespa would look restored & re-sprayed in it's original Piaggio factory paint - Max Meyer Paint Code: "Metallic Silver" 1.268.0103 from 1969 or PPG code 103.

However being a fan of original condition paint & patina this is how I keep my Sprint Veloce...

Sprint Veloce by Vespamore !
Photographed by Niall from Retrospective. This was taken at his contact's place in Cattolica, just south of Rimini in Marche region, Italy, from where he sourced my Sprint Veloce. I had the choice of this one & the later blue Sprint Veloce on the right. I went for the earlier model, liking the fact it was a first series Sprint Veloce; the blue one needed some welding too.

Original 1969 Sprint Veloce by Vespamore ! 
How my 1969 Sprint Veloce prima serie looked on arrival at Retrospective Scooters in July 2009 after it's journey from Cattolica.

Untitled by Vespamore !

So Cal by Vespamore !

More shots of my '69 Vespa Sprint Veloce can be seen here

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