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Original paint Vespa Super

More great detail images of another original paint Italian Vespa owned by Vietnamese based Manh of Vnscooter, this time a very nice 150 Super. See also Manh's similarly lovely Vespa VBB150 which I blogged recently.

I'm really into original paint Vespas; they're only new once & I love the patina you get on these kind of original examples, including all that history; dinks, bumps, scrapes & all. Agreed some scooters are too far gone & certified 'basketcases' & have to be restored due to the ravages of time & rust etc. That said, I'm saddened by the amount of good condition, original paint Vespas I've seen over the years that have been stripped & 'restored' with a new paintjob. Granted it's the owner's choice; it just seems a shame to me if it's not necessary. Restored scoots never look as good in my eyes compared to the likes of this Super. I get very excited about discovering & shooting something like this example on the streets; much more than a restored scooter. In fact I did come across a 150 Super very similar to this in London a few years ago; a couple of the 35mm film shots I took of it can be seen here.

Thanks for the great images Manh - you have some beautiful scooters!

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