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Italiana in Vietnam

Đá Nguyễn, a blogger friend from The Scooterist blog emailed me about this very nice original Italian VBB150 Vespa now residing in Vietnam with it's current owner & Đá Nguyễn's friend Manh from Vnscooter Some nice detail shots taken by Manh of his VBB still in it's original blue factory paint from Pontedera.

These images are re-blogged from this thread on the Modern Vespa scooter forum. Manh has also  added some pics of scooters Vnscooter have restored on the same thread. If you're considering buying a scooter from overseas without seeing it first; this thread makes interesting viewing/reading. It includes a warning note about another Vietnamese dealer Avalon Scooters who 'allegedly' mis-appropriated Vnscooter's images as their own & displayed them on their website as their own 'restored scoots'.

Vietnamese scooter traders' wares seem to be universally tagged with the 'Vietbodge' moniker. Personally I've never bought a part or scooter from Vietnam so can't really judge. I do know of an English friend who bought a supposedly 'restored' Vespa VBB from a Vietnamese dealer. Under the shiny paintjob was a catalogue of bodges & a complete overhaul was required including the replacement of many parts. Many Indian scooter dealers also seem to suffer from a similarly bad reputation. I would be nervous buying a scooter (or anything else) that I hadn't seen first & inspected. That goes for wherever it may be from; UK, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, India & online sites like Ebay etc. I've bought nearly all the scooters I've owned from Retrospective Scooters in North London. Having established a relationship with owner Niall over the last 10 years has been useful when choosing & buying my scoots. My current 1969 Sprint Veloce was brought over from Italy by Niall; he was able to email me pictures of a few vespas to choose from which were being sold by his Italian contact. In this case I didn't mind agreeing to buy 'unseen' as I trust Niall knows what kind of scoots I like & would want.

I'm sure there are many honest Vietnamese & Indian scooter dealers out there who despair at their unwanted reputation. As for the UK; as well as good dealers, I've come across a few unscrupulous scooter dealers here who seem to want nothing more than your cash & don't seem to know of the term 'aftersales'. I guess buying is all about trust; either try & check out what you're buying in the flesh first or use a trusted contact  who can do this on your behalf; particularly if the scooter in question is halfway around the globe....

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