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Saw this excellent photography exhibition by Nick Clements last Thursday night. Not sure how long it's running for, a week or so I'd guess? If you're in London or visiting, check it out; if not have a look at Nick's website here...

Lewis Leathers

Lewis Leathers is Britain's oldest manufacturer of motorcycle clothing, established in 1892. Check out their website which includes a great Heritage section, company timeline & galleries....


Sunset Strip

Had to stop off to shoot this lovely sunset while riding home from work. Taken April '11 with my Olympus OM10 manual SLR on Kodak Portra film. More vespa shots & shots of my Sprint Veloce on website

Jaguar XKR

Jaguar XKR by Vespamore !
Jaguar XKR, a photo by Vespamore ! on Flickr.

I'm much more into classic cars but here's a modern Jag I took spotted near Marylebone...


Lambretta con gotas de vintage

Nice Lambretta shot by Raul Gonzalez, click on photo to follow link to his Flickr photostream.

Beauty & the Beast

Monster  by Vespamore !
Monster , a photo by Vespamore ! on Flickr.
Monster taken April '11 in central London with my Olympus OM10 on Fuji Superia film.

More bike shots on Classic Motorbikes page of website



SL  by Vespamore !
SL , a photo by Vespamore ! on Flickr.

Nice hard top Pagoda seen recently in Central London, see my Flickr stream for more shots of this car. Taken with my Olympus OM10 manual SLR with Fuji Superia film.

Sunset flares

Took these into low Spring evening sun on my Olympus OM10 with Fuji Superia film. Check out my 'Other photography' page on website


Cafe Racer

 Very nice Royal Enfield Silver Bullet spotted in Central London. Shots taken with Olympus OM10 on Fuji Superia film - taken April '11.

More bike shots on classic motorbikes page of website

Honda 550

Honda 550  by Vespamore !
Honda 550 , a photo by Vespamore ! on Flickr.
Cool retro Honda spotted near Great Portland Street, see more bikes on classic motorbikes page of website


911S  by Vespamore !
911S , a photo by Vespamore ! on Flickr.

Taken with my Olympus OM10 on Fuji Superia film

embracing solitude

embracing solitude by Jesse Carmody
embracing solitude, a photo by Jesse Carmody on Flickr.
Jesse Carmody takes some beautiful photos; check out his work here on his website


Michael Schmidt Photography

Check out Michael's photography site, some really nice film stuff on here...
see some examples of his excellent work below...


Sprint corner

Sprint corner by Vespamore !
Sprint corner, a photo by Vespamore ! on Flickr.

Was getting 'down & dirty' taking this one on the pavement to get shot - quite like the point of view though.

Taken with my Olympus OM10 on Kodak Portra film.


South Downs in Reverse, Winchester - Eastbourne

35mm film shots taken of Lambretta Club of Great Britain's South Downs Run 9-10th April 2011.

See full set here

Shots available as A4 & A5 prints on quality photographic paper. See prices page of main website for details


Volvo P1800

Volvo P1800 by Vespamore !
Volvo P1800, a photo by Vespamore ! on Flickr.

Saw this lovely Volvo drive slowly past me whilst walking near Marylebone one weekend in March. Followed it until lady parked & then took some shots. Stalker behaviour maybe but been wanting to shoot one of these for ages...

I'm Scooterist

Nice site that contacted me recently about their scooterist themed quality clothing range, produced by American Apparel I believe... basically a nice scooter site that most scooterists would enjoy. Check it out at

Best of Vespa IV gallery

Photo by Tim Mrkwicka

Next up in 'Best of Vespa' series is gallery No.4; a gallery I've curated on Flickr. View full gallery here

Yellow Rally

Spotted near Tottenham Court Road, March '11. Taken with my Olympus OM10 on Kodak Portra 35mm film. More classic Vespa shots on main website


Warehouse Sprint

My Sprint Veloce, taken in side road approaching Blackfriars bridge, on way back from Vintage Douglas Vespa Run taken with my OM10 on Kodak Portra film - March '11


Ape per Sempre !

Photo by Michiru Vale

Continuing with the galleries I've curated on Flickr is the the third installment of Ape pictures, follow link below for more great shots of these brilliant little Italian 3-wheelers...



This dude on his lovely Triumph rides past me pretty much every day on my 5min walk from Euston station to work. Like his style - very cool !

Shot with my Olympus OM10 manual SLR camera on Fuji Superia film - March '11. More 35mm classic bike shots on website


Cycle Zombies

Cycle Zombies are a motorcycle crew who are a family of surfers from Huntington Beach, California. They're into cool bikes, surfing & skateboarding. I recently spotted an article about them in Mensfile magazine, see recent post check out the Cycle Zombies blog here at 

Davida helmets

Katrien,Davida Jet Helmet, Aviator T1Goggles,Zagato Motoguzzi,Amsterdam Photo:2004 Ben Part B.

I love Davida, they make beautiful helmets, really excellent quality. Produced in the style of classic racing helmets; check out their website below, there are also some great period & contemporary images of classic racers & lifestyle shots. They sell some very nice goggles too like Barrufaldi & Aviator amongst others.

Top image from Davida's website, other images include my new 8-Ball helmet just ordered, Classic Jet & my 2-tone Jet helmet.

Mateo Vullo illustration

Check out Mateo's website showcasing his illustration work including some nice vespa & classic car images. Follow link below....


Modern Ducatis

Not generally a big fan of modern bikes; much prefer classics. However I've always liked Ducati's 'Monster' which has got to be a 'modern classic'.... took the 848 recently too. All taken with my Olympus OM10, with Fuji Superia film (Monster) & Kodak Portra film (848). More bike shots can be seen on my Classic Motorbikes page on website

If you like classic Italian bikes check out


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