vespamore photography (pronounced "vespa-mor-ay" combining the words vespa and amore, the Italian word for love, "vespalove" by definition)
- 35mm film photography by Paul Hart, gallery - here As well as featuring my own work, this blog also features work by other photographers and anything else creative that has caught my attention or inspired me. I am also current editor of the Veteran Vespa Club quarterly JOURNAL for club members.

book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link -

RETROSPECTIVE CYCLES book, photography by Paul Hart, available to order via link - here

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1960s colour photos of UK scooter racing & rallies

Check out these fantastic period 1960s colour shots by Panoramic Pete of  UK scooter rallies & racing on the Isle of Man, follow link....

Black VNB

35mm shots taken of a black Vespa VNB, spotted near Shaftesbury Avenue, London - January 2011.


2000 AD

I used to love this comic, I first picked up a copy at my cousin's house & immediately got into it. At the time (early 1980s), 'Flesh' was one of the main stories where future cowboys were 'farming' dinosaurs for meat. Other fave stories of mine included Nemesis the Warlock, Chopper, Slaine, Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors, Judge Anderson & not forgetting Judge Dredd of course. The comic had excellent writers & artists like Pat Mills, Ramon Sola, Jamie Hewlett, John Wagner, Brendan McCarthy to name a few. 2000 AD is still very much alive today, see link....

Spanish postie

Very nice shot of a Spanish post office Vespa, taken in the depot by the looks of it. Taken by Oliver Abellan...

Ape gallery

Photo by snapshot05

A gallery of Ape photos I've complied on Flickr, taken with film & digital...

For more Ape info see previous post...


The Empire Strikes Back

Downloaded this unbelievably good album of Uptown Funk & Soul recently - if this is your bag, buy it now, you won't regret it ; )

Follow link here 

Sid Avery

I saw a free exhibition of Sid Avery's photography at the Serpentine Gallery in London a few years ago & loved the 1950s/Hollywood images he'd taken & is renowned for. Particularly loved the Steve McQueen shots in his Jaguar, some shown below, also great image of Paul Newman & his wife Joanna Woodward at home.....

Some of Sid Avery's most iconic images are showcased in his book, 'Hollywood at Home'.

1968 Citroen calendar shots

Some very cool  shots by Helmut Newton commissioned by Citroen for their '68 calendar. Follow link to original post on DS Workshop blog.....

Best of Vespa gallery

Photo - 'Patience for green' by Moriza

I've compiled a few galleries on Flickr (photo sharing site), of what I reckon are the best Vespa shots on Flickr; these have been taken with various cameras - film, digital & toy cameras. Follow link to view gallery; I'll add more galleries in coming months......

Giro Tre Mari

Giro Tre Mari (3 seas Vespa race) was a race originating in the 1950s in the south of Italy taking in the Adriatic, Ionian & Tyrrhenian seas with stages taking place over 3-4 days. I would have loved to have ridden this race; you can see some old B&W original images here on YouTube..

The race has been revived in recent years, you can see a report from 2005 here...


Reliant Scimitar

Nice dark green Scimitar spotted in London taken on 35mm Fuji Superia film with my Olympus OM10.
More classic car images here....


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