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Artie Bell Cup - Ulster Vespa Club Rally 1956

Artie Bell Cup - Ulster Vespa Club Rally 1956 by GaelicKiwi

Nigel Kelso (pictured) writes:

The cup was awarded to the winner of a 3 day rally, (not sure whether they were 3 consecutive days, or over a couple of weekends),which included a mystery tour or treasure hunt in which you had to follow minimal directions and find the answers to given questions, an economy run (refer the photo outside club rooms of petrol tank being sealed), and some events carried out on a disused airstrip, the location of which I have no idea. These included an obstacle course (slalom type of thing not involving speed but rather accuracy), the longest time to cover a short distance without feet touching the ground or falling off or stopping event, and a brief race over about a quarter mile in a straight line! This was the highlight of the whole rally for me (and I think one, Nickie Leonard) and neither of us was going to be the first to apply the brakes at the finish which was about 30 yards before some gorse bushes! So there was some blue smoke and fish-tailing at the end! I believe I won by a whisker. Poor motors! it was just full throttle all the way and we must have reached the break-neck speed of about 45mph. I think Nickie and I were the only two mad enough to participate in that event. This rally would have taken place in the summer of 1956 and I see that I have the date of the start of the economy run as 4 June 1956. I also found the newspaper caption that was with that photo which said:

"Miss Moyra Tougher watches Mr. J Irving, vice-captain of the Vespa Club of Britain, Ulster Branch No. 55, seal her tank before starting out on the final of three rallies for the Artie Bell Cup. On the right, Cecil Kerr and Nigel Kelso study the 60 mile route."

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