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Full Restoration of 1964 Vespa VNB 125

It is pretty shocking how much a fully restored classic vespa will set you back these days..

Long gone are the days when you could pick up project scoots at Imola's market for a few hundred pounds. These days vespas beyond conserving and in need of restoring are selling for £2000 in some cases. 

Add to that the costs of stripping, welding, panel beating, blasting, filling, prepping, painting and putting it all back together again with new parts, if required and finally the dealer's percentage to cover his staff's wages, rent and so on and it's not all that surprising that the selling price is now £5500..

Check out this excellent vid by Barnaby Newton which shows what really goes into a proper, thorough vespa resto these days.

Ritorno a due ruote

Ritorno a due ruote

Back on two wheels again today after collecting scoot from Retrospective Scooters this morning - yeh!!

Have had long standing problems with my rear hub, which are hopefully resolved now that Retrospective have replaced the driveshaft as the splines were badly worn on the previous one. Also had a new oil seal fitted; was experiencing a terrible flat-spot which I thought was the carb but a new seal was required after air was getting into the engine. 

Cheers Retrospective ; )

Vespa 90

Vespa 90

Vespa 90

Vespa 90

Vespa 90

Vespa 90

Vespa 90

Vespa 90

Lovely Vespa 90, seen today at Retrospective Scooters in for some engine work. Still all original and in great condition - fotos taken on iPhone 5s

Progetto Europa...

Cortina '63

Wow, that was a shocker - waking up this morning to find the UK had voted to leave Europe; I thought the 'Remain' campaign would just edge it..

I was for staying personally, in part influenced by the togetherness and inclusivity, as well as the many European friends and acquaintances I've made since I first got on a vespa back in 2011.

Whatever's next for UK and Europe I hope we can maintain a strong bond and relationship with the continent - live and let live as they say.



Like this shot taken by Robert Lawson in Napoli last June; he was actually after the cinquecento for his shot, before the guy on the Vespa PX pulled up into the frame. The red of the vespa ties in nicely I think with the red bill posters; enhancing the final result while the vespa complements the Fiat 500 too in my opinion..

Robert, thanks for sharing - appreciated ; )

Check out Robert on Pinterest  - here

Vespa 50L

Vespa 50L

Love this Vespa 50L, seen today at Retrospective Scooters in for some maintenance. She's mainly still wearing her metallic blue original paint, except for the legshields which were re-painted to match, following minor crash damage a few years ago.

Vespa PX125

Vespa PX125

Liking this film shot a lot - taken by Nicholas Triantafyllou in London with his Rolleiflex T on TMAX100 HC110 DiIB

Thanks for sharing Nicholas - obliged ; )


Motovespa GT160

I was recently contacted by a guy who has just acquired a Spanish Motovespa GT160 like my vespa, from Totally Scooters in Cumbria.

Above is the for sale shot of the scoot from Totally Scooters' site. Hopefully will get some more pics soon of this remarkably straight example. I'm told it is in original condition; from this image it looks barely used in the intervening 45 or so years! The colour appears a bit more towards yellow or ochre than mine, although that may just be the way it has come out in the photo.

The new owner has only had Lambrettas up until now, this looks like a great start to his relationship with vespas..


Spanish period vespa giro film

Still of an amazing Spanish vespa giro film, just spotted on Scooterlounge's blog, check this out here on FB...


Scooteristen magazine - in tutto il mondo

Scooteristen is the membership magazine of SSK or Svenska Scooterklubben. After me getting in touch via Instagram recently, editor Micke Nilsson kindly sent me a copy which arrived at home yesterday as you can see !

I'll be returning the favour by sending back a copy of my book by way of thanks. It's great Scootering is so widespread and global as Piaggio's late '50s advertisement behind me says - I'm always interested in seeing what other classic scoot fans are doing and Scooteristen magazine is a good example, with Swedish clubs reporting on their national scene as well as articles from outside the country. It's nicely put together with some decent photography which definitely does it for me. Being big into original paint scoots, I particularly like the original VBA1T below featured in the latest issue..

foto credit: @drg180 on instagram

Thanks or tack så mycket to Micke for the mag copy, much obliged ; )

Svenska Scooterklubben website -

Svenska Scooterklubben FB page -


'76 Vespa GTR

I love the VE8PA.CH blog Roman it's author, like me obsesses over original paint vespas and actively seeks out stunning examples of such, like this 1976 GTR which has only completed 4390km since it left Piaggio's factory..!!

The photography by Oliver Lacroix is beautifully taken and observed; these images kind of remind me of the sort seen in the Vespa Tecnica books but better..

I've picked out the fotos I liked best; you can view the full set here as well as Roman's other amazing vespa finds.


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