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Have been excited about this for a long time and can now finally talk about ScooterNova - a new printed scooter magazine which will be available to buy online via subscription, through selected UK scooter dealers and at UK scooter rallies, including all BSRA events.

I mentioned earlier this week about ScooterNova having some exciting news - read magazine creator, Andy Gillard's chat/interview with SLUK (ScooterLab UK) here

I'm a big fan of creativity; something that's had some love, care and attention devoted to it. I have high hopes for this new independent publication which will be free from the shackles of a large publishing group. With the assembled team stood behind the mag and their combined know-how and years of experience bringing us all things scooter related (both classic & modern), I'm pretty sure ScooterNova won't disappoint !

Once the online subscription is live I will include a permanent link to ScooterNova magazine in links column on right of vespamore blog.



Nice Allstate vespa in original red paint I shot on 35mm film last weekend - imported from the US by Retrospective Scooters

Loving that disintegrating Oklahama sticker on the legshields. The Vespa legshield badge shouldn't be there and would have originally had the North American map badge in its place. Nice ID plate too, beneath the fuel tap and stamped with Sears Roebuck.


The Italian equivalent would have been a VBB150 and a 152L2 from British Vespa concession, Douglas. Sadly Retrospective say the legshields behind the mudguard/fender are badly corroded and are close to going right through, meaning the bike will need a restoration.

A couple more film shots I took here


ScooterNova - coming soon..!!

The ScooterNova blog, brainchild of Ann Murphy and Andy Gillard - former long-standing editor of Scootering magazine, rider, journalist, photographer, writer and more is shortly moving up a few gears..

"The next step for Scooternova is an exciting one and it’s happening soon! 

It will still be about all things scooter  – retro, classic and beyond. Wheels, style, clobber and more. We like old-skool but appreciate the modern. History is not just in the past, but it’s being made every day.
In a short while we shall be making history too and you are ALL invited to join us on our latest journey!" - The ScooterNova

Keep an eye out and watch this space !




Really like the low lighting and moody atmos in this PX shot taken by bram kool in Taormina, Sicily.

Thanks for sharing bram ; )

Primavera verde


Finished and developed my film after shooting this on iPhone the other day; as always much happier with the film shots..



More classic car shots I've photographed on 35mm film in my cars album here



Was pleased with how this came out, taken on 35mm film with my Olympus OM-2N in London back in January - full car shot here

See my cars set (all taken on 35mm film) here

Motovespa-sidecar combo

Motovespa + sidecar

'50s Spanish Motovespa & sidecar combo I shot on film at Retrospective Scooters on the weekend, a couple more here and here


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